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Picture Day is Tuesday, September 15th. Picture packages are prepaid this year. Click for more info…

The majority of the information this week is specifically for the parents of students attending the first semester of school virtually (from home).

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Slide presentation for parents of rising 6th graders

It’s Graduation Day 8th grade Toros!!! You did it!!! Tonight is the night to celebrate all of your accomplishments at WLA Middle School. The graduation video premieres at 6pm. At that time, we can all watch the video together (from our homes) and live chat on Youtube.

Go to this: link and click on the reminder bell, then be sure to tune in tonight at 6! Remember to share the link with your friends and family so they can join in the celebration!! The live chat is open now!! Love you guys!!! 

Día de graduación 8º grado Toros !! ¡¡Lo hiciste!! Lo lograste en WLA Middle School. El video de graduación se estrena a las 6pm. En ese momento, todos podemos ver el video juntos (desde nuestras casas) y chatear en vivo en youtube.

¡Ve a este enlace y haz clic en el recordatorio para compartir el enlace con nuestros amigos y familiares para que puedan unirse a la celebración! ¡El chat en vivo está abierto ahora! ¡¡Los quiero muchachos!!

The Hall County School District has partnered with the Georgia Mountain Food Bank to help support a food collection initiative in what is being called, Beyond the Books.

We have good news if you forgot to order the yearbook online and it is so easy. Please click on the following link, enter your email and just follow the directions.

The deadline to order is May 1st.

Price of the Yearbook $35

Tenemos buenas noticias si olvidaste ordenar tu anuario por internet y es muy fácil. Haz click en el siguiente enlace, escribe tu correo electrónico y sólo sigue las instrucciones.

El plazo para comprar el anuario es el primero de Mayo.

El precio del anuario es de $35.