Puerto Rican Cuisine At Café Mundo

We will open on Friday March 13th, 2020. We will have a seating available at 11 am and another one at 12 pm. Please make your reservations at …… cafemundo@hallco.org INCLUDE name, time and number of persons in your party.

You may also order for pick up. If you choose this option, please e-mail us your selection from the menu below and time. Pick up is in room 516 at AOD WLA hall way at your requested time.

There s a $9.00 suggested donation that helps support our culinary arts program.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Puerto Rico

Open on March 13, 2020

Tostones con salsa de mojo
Tostones con salsa de mojo: fried plantain with a garlic sauce on the sauce.
Rellenos de papa
Rellenos de papa is a dough made out of potato and inside out if is meat.

Pastelón de plátano amarillo
Pastelón de plátano is a lasagna like dish but instead of pasta it uses plátano.
Pernil asado con arroz con gandules
Pernil asado con arroz con gandules is a simple dish constructed with pulled pork and brown rice.

Tembleque de coco
Tembleque de coco is a flan like dish with cinnamon
Pastelitos de guayaba
Pastelitos de guayaba is a pastry like bread with guava paste on the inside.

Coquito (sin alcohol)Coquito is a milky like drink kinda like coconut smoothie topped with sprinkle a cinnamon

Jugo de pracha: Passion fruit juice